The Hong Kong Psychological Society
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About HKPS
The Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS), is both a learned society and a professional association of all specialties of psychology in Hong Kong, founded in 1968.
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Division of Clinical Psychology(DCP)
Division of Educational Psychology(DEP)
Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology(DIOP)
Division of Counselling Psychology(DCoP)
On 16-6-2015, HKPS received members' queries about an unsolicited advertisement sent to their e-mail addresses and the message appeared to be linked to HKPS. HKPS has never endorsed that advertisement and the sender has apologized for the mistake. HKPS is investigating into the matter.
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    HKPS is a member of
    International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS)
    HKPS is a member of
    International Test Commission (ITC)
    Memorandum of Understanding
    between HKPS and the Australian Psychological Society
    World Federation for Mental Health
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