Message from the President


First of all, I want to thank you on behalf of the Hong Kong Psychological Society for your continuous support to the Society and to the Council.


I still remember the day when I submitted my application to the HKPS, along with my desire to develop my professional knowledge, skills and commitment, I felt a strong urge in me to want to connect closely with the psychology community. Somehow there was already something in me as a psychologist to want to contribute in return to the profession and to the community. When I was asked in 2010 to be the Society General Secretary, I readily consented. That journey eventually led me to become the President of the HKPS in 2012. With your support and trust, today I have the honor and the privilege again to write this message to you and, together with all Council members, to serve you and our community as the President of the HKPS for another time.


In this coming year, I wish to further improve the cohesion within our psychology community, to continue to make ourselves present in the society of Hong Kong, and to strengthen our relationship within the region as well as internationally, while upholding the mission of the HKPS.


We shall not only aim to safeguard integrity and proficiency in our professional psychological practice, but also work towards making this seen and felt by the public. To achieve this goal, I want to appeal to you to join hands and let our collaborative energy extend beyond the HKPS annual meeting, and directly address the rising concerns relating to the quality of professional psychological services in Hong Kong.


Together, we shall uphold our standards of professional practice in being both competent and ethical. This is not just a reminder to you and other members of the HKPS who are currently providing or about to provide psychological services. It is also a public reminder to those interested in entering the profession, that the provision of various specific psychological services requires specialized training and expertise. I believe that unless we unremittingly demonstrate our professionalism through our practice and public education, we may not receive the respect we deserve.


The HKPS is the most established organization of psychologists in Hong Kong. It represents all specialties of psychology. While striving to improve the benefits and services to our members, we feel the need to also focus on our role in the larger Hong Kong society and continue to maintain a reputable social profile. To achieve these goals, the HKPS needs your active involvement in our various divisions and committees. Please check which area is of most interest to you, seek out our respective office bearers and discuss with them how you might be involved. You are also encouraged to respond to our emails and check our website from time to time and take advantage of the programs and conferences that aim to assist members’ professional practice and further development.


In closing, I personally and on behalf of the Council, want to extend to you our best wishes for good health, peace, and fulfillment in all your endeavors. I look forward in the coming year to working closely with you and all prospective members.



Amos C.Y. Cheung