Professional Registration

Since the 1980s, the Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) has been urging the government to enact a law to register and regulate psychologists in Hong Kong but the government did not agree it was necessary or urgent.


In 1993, HKPS took up the responsibility to register and publicise Members who are qualified to practise as psychologists so that the general public has the means to identify qualified practitioners who are bound by the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct to provide a safe, effective, reliable and accountable service. This professional registration system is still in place today.


Admission to the Professional Register of Psychologist is offered to HKPS Members only and it is voluntary. Each application is carefully vetted by the Registration Board appointed by the HKPS Council.


Registered Psychologist Application Form (for Members only)


 A Registered Psychologist of HKPS must

  1. Be a Member of the Society and must be in good standing, AND
  2. Possess a higher degree in psychology obtained from an institution recognised by the Society, AND
  3. Have at least one year of post qualification experience in a discipline of psychology deemed acceptable by the Council.


Names of all Registered Psychologists are listed in the Society’s website for public checking. Individual Registered Psychologists may choose to publish their professional information in the HKPS website. They can also display the Registration Certificate in their office announcing that they abide by the Society's Code of Professional Conduct. Professional Registration is renewed annually.


Today, about one-third of all HKPS Members have joined the Professional Register of Psychologists. Several Members are also qualified to register but choose not to register. They are still bound by the HKPS Code of Professional Conduct.


List of Registered Psychologist of HKPS


Use of Abbreviations

Psychologists registered under HKPS may use the following abbreviations:

(i)     RP(HKPS) : Registered Psychologist
(ii)    RCP(HKPS) : Registered Psychologist who is also a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology
(iii)   REP(HKPS) : Registered Psychologist who is also a member of the Division of Educational Psychology
(iv)   RCoP(HKPS) : Registered Psychologist who is also a member of the Division of Counselling Psychology
(v)    RIOP(HKPS) : Registered Psychologist who is also a member of the Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology


When representing themselves as Registered Psychologist of HKPS, members must use their name as registered so that the public can conduct checking with HKPS. Members who misrepresent themselves with any of the above titles may be subject to disciplinary action by HKPS.



Any complaints against a Registered Psychologist of HKPS for professional misconduct will be pursued according to the Procedures for Handling Complaints set out in the Appendix to the HKPS By-Laws. Breach of the Society's Code of Professional Conduct, upon the order of the Council, may lead to removal from the Register the name of the psychologist concerned.


Footnote:  The Accredited Registers Scheme for Healthcare Professions

In 2016, after having consulted various stakeholders, including HKPS and its Divisions, the HKSAR Government (Department of Health) introduced the Pilot Accredited Registered Scheme for Healthcare Professionals (Pilot AR Scheme) and invited various healthcare professions to participate. Similar to the Professional Registration of HKPS, the AR Scheme is designed to help the public choose qualified and competent healthcare professionals. On 31 October 2019, the Government announced that professional registration under the Pilot AR Scheme opened to clinical psychologists and educational psychologists through the newly formed Hong Kong Association of Educational Psychologists (HKAEP) and the Hong Kong Institute of Clinical Psychologists (HKICP) respectively. Both the HKAEP and the HKICP are totally independent of HKPS. Members of HKPS may apply to join HKICP or HKAEP to become their registered members. HKPS will keep in view of the pilot scheme which is also subject to official review.