General Membership

How to become a Member of HKPS?

Persons who consider themselves qualified to become members should read the Membership Guide to Membership before completing the Membership Application Form.

Membership eligibility : I have a Bachelor/Master degree in Counselling/ Trauma Psychology/ Education/ Nursing/ Social Work, and have been working with /under the supervision of a Psychologist. I would like to know if I am eligible to be a Member

To be eligible for membership of HKPS, one must possess a bachelor degree major in psychology, or a post-graduate degree conferred by a university recognized by HKPS covering the fundamental courses of psychology.

HKPS does not have a service to provide "The Statement of Eligibility for HKPS Membership" for the public.  HKPS welcomes application to become a HKPS member.

University /Programme recognition : I am a student studying in psychology in Hong Kong, and I would like to ask which universities or tertiary institutes are approved by HKPS? Could you tell me if the undergraduate programme I am currently studying?

HKPS is not acting as an accrediting body and does not have a list of accredited universities or tertiary institutes. Each application is considered on its own merits. Assessment will only be done by the Membership Committee upon receipt of the Membership Application Form together with the necessary enclosures such as transcripts and certificates.

What are the fundamental courses of psychology required? Any requirement for the delivery mode of the Psychology degree programme?

To qualify for election as a Graduate member a candidate shall have satisfied the Council one of the following conditions:


(i) a bachelor degree from an institution recognized by the Council at a minimum lower 2nd class honours level or a GPA of 3.0 with psychology as the major subject taking no less than 8 courses in different areas of psychology covering at least Research Methods in Psychology and 5 out of the 6 following fundamental areas:

  1. Biological / Physiological Psychology,


  1. Developmental / Child Psychology,


  1. Cognitive Psychology / Perception / Learning / Memory,


  1. Personality / Individual Differences,


  1. Social Psychology, and


  1. History of Psychology / Contemporary Issues in Psychology; or


(ii) a postgraduate qualification in psychology from an institution recognized by the Council covering the courses and fundamental areas of psychology as specified in (i) above; or


(iii)   such other qualification in psychology as the Council shall approve.


If applicants have completed an independent research project in psychology, or if they have completed an advanced, seminar-based course in psychology, they are also counted as fulfilling the area of “History of Psychology / Contemporary Issues in Psychology".


Only campus-oriented psychology programmes, inter alia, would be accepted and evaluated for HKPS membership application.  A "campus-oriented" psychology programme is defined as Bachelor or above psychology degree programme where the teaching activities are conducted in the physical presence of teaching staff(s) and student(s) in the same tertiary educational institutions.  Therefore, if a psychology degree programme is conducted (mainly or partly) through Skype or YouTube, it would not be accepted for HKPS membership application"

Documents required : Should originals of documents be sent?

No, only copies of certificates and transcripts of degrees/ programmes in Psychology should be submitted. If the application is unsuccessful, the application forms and all supporting documents will be destroyed within 6 months.

Proposers and Seconder : What if the applicant is unable to find Members of HKPS to be Proposer and Seconder?

If the applicants for membership are unable to find a Proposer and Seconder, they should supply 2 relevant academic/professional references in support of the membership application.

Duration of application process : How long does the application process take?

The Membership Committee meets 4 or 5 times a year in the period between September and May but the dates of meetings are not fixed in advance. At each meeting, recommendations for election by the Membership Committee are referred to the next meeting of the Council. The application process may take 1 to 4 months, depending on the timing of submission.

Urgent consideration : What if I just missed the most recent meeting of the Membership Committee and would like the application to be considered as an urgent case?

The Membership Committee and Council do not consider applications outside the scheduled dates of meetings.

Outcome of application : Can applicants be informed of the outcome of the application before receiving the official letter?

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application via email and an official letter by post as soon as the recommendations by the Membership Committee are endorsed by the Council.

Affiliateship application : What documents are needed in support of an application for Affiliateship?

Applicants for Affiliateship can fill in the Membership Application Form indicating their reasons for joining. No supporting documents or references are required.

Membership Upgrade

Affiliateship application : What documents are needed in support of an application for Affiliateship?

Applicants for Affiliateship can fill in the Membership Application Form indicating their reasons for joining. No supporting documents or references are required.


Affilates upgrade to Graduate Member : What if an Affiliate obtains a degree in Psychology and wishes to become a Member?

The Affiliate should follow the Guide to Membership Application and submit the necessary enclosures.

Fellow election : What if an Associate Fellow wishes to become a Fellow?

Nominations to Fellowship are considered at the Annual Fellows’ Meeting, normally held in January of each year. Nominations should be sent in at least three weeks in advance of the meeting. Nominations have to be supported by two recommendations from Members who are of at least the rank of Associate Fellow, one of whom must be a Fellow. Those nominating should be prepared to attend the Fellows meeting and speak to their nominee’s application.



Registered Psychologist

What are the requirements to practice as a psychologist in Hong Kong?

Currently there is not yet a statutory registration to determine who is qualified to practice as a psychologist in Hong Kong. Employers have different criteria for different types of psychologists. If you want to practice or appointed as a clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist or counselling psychologist in Hong Kong, you are advised to read the information posted by the Society's four Divisions.

I learnt that the Hong Kong Psychological Society has its own Professional Registration. How can I apply to join this Register? 

There is a Register maintained by the Hong Kong Psychological Society. The requirements for becoming a Registered Psychologist are: (1) be a member of the HKPS for which a bachelor degree in psychology or an equivalent qualification is a prerequisite, (2) possess a higher degree in psychology (a master’s or doctoral), and (3) have at least one year post-qualification working experience relevant to psychology. All Psychologists under the Register have to observe the Code of Professional Conduct maintained by the Society. Application Form for Registered Psychologist can be downloaded Here.

If I obtain a Masters in Clinical/ Educational/ Counselling psychology from abroad , what will the process be like to register as a licensed psychologist in Hong Kong?

There is no licensing as such at the present time, but Hong Kong Psychological Society is actively pursuing along this lone with the Hong Kong Government. We also encourage those who want to practice psychology in Hong Kong to join our society-based registration.

Will I be required to take further classes, complete more hours, or retake certain exams? Or does it depend specifically on the program I completed/ case-by-case?

No, not under our current requirements for Society-based registration. But these may be considered in the future statutory registration.

Can I apply to be a Registered Psychologist without applying for Society Membership?

No, you have to become a Member of the Society first before applying for becoming a Registered Psychologist.

List of psychologists registered in Hong Kong : May I have a list of psychologists registered in Hong Kong?

As of now Hong Kong has no law for statutory registration of psychologists. HKPS, being the oldest and largest professional body for psychologists in the territory, has a Registration Board and a Professional Register. The Register contains the names and specialties of qualified psychologists recognized by the Hong Kong Psychological Society. They are bound by its Code of Professional Conduct. They usually specialize in one of the following disciplines: Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Counselling Psychology, or Industrial and Organizational Psychology . There are also other psychologists not belonging to any of the above specialties.  A list of psychologists registered with the HKPS can be found via the this link .




Division Membership

Can I apply for Divisional Membership without applying for Society Membership?

No, you have to become a Member of the Society first before applying for Divisional membership.

Could you tell me if the Master Programme I am going to apply for will enable me upon graduation to become a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology/ Educational Psychology/ Counselling Psychology/ Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

For membership criteria of Divisions, please go to the respective Divisional webpage for information. Also, one should approach the concerning programme coordinators / providers to clarify whether the design and contents of those programmes will enable the graduates to be eligible to apply for the HKPS and the divisional memberships.

CE Activity Application

Could you tell me the procedures about CE application?

Please read the Guidance Notes first, then complete and submit the Application Form. (Please return the form in MS Word Format.)