Privacy Policy Statement of HKPS

Privacy Policy Statement

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General Membership

How to become a Member of HKPS?

Persons who consider themselves qualified to become members should read the Membership Guide to Membership before completing the Membership Application Form.

Membership eligibility : I have a degree in Counselling/ Trauma Psychology/ Education/ Nursing/ Social Work, and have been working with /under the supervision of a Psychologist. Am I eligible to be a Member of HKPS?

To be eligible for membership of HKPS, one must possess a bachelor degree major in psychology, or a post-graduate degree conferred by a university recognized by HKPS covering the fundamental courses of psychology.

HKPS does not have a service to provide "The Statement of Eligibility for HKPS Membership" for the public.  HKPS welcomes application to become a HKPS member.

University/Programme recognition : Which universities or tertiary institutes are approved by HKPS? Could you tell me if the undergraduate programme I am currently studying is recognized by HKPS?

HKPS is not acting as an accrediting body and does not have a list of accredited universities or tertiary institutes. Each application is considered on its own merits. Assessment will only be done by the Membership Committee upon receipt of the Membership Application Form together with the necessary enclosures such as transcripts and certificates.

What kind of bachelor’s degree in psychology from Australia would be recognized by HKPS for membership evaluation?

A Bachelor's degree in psychology from Australia has to include an APAC-accredited 4th-year program (i.e. the Honours year) and cover all the required subjects specified here: for meeting the HKPS membership criteria.

What are the fundamental courses of psychology required? Any requirement for the delivery mode of the Psychology degree programme?

To qualify for election as a Graduate member a candidate shall have satisfied the Council one of the following conditions:


(i) a bachelor degree from an institution recognized by the Council at a minimum lower 2nd class honours level or a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 or equivalent with psychology as the major subject taking no less than 8 courses in different areas of psychology covering at least Research Methods in Psychology and 4 out of the 6 following fundamental areas:


  1. Biological / Physiological Psychology,


  1. Developmental / Child Psychology,


  1. Cognitive Psychology / Perception / Learning / Memory,


  1. Personality / Individual Differences,


  1. Social Psychology, and


  1. History of Psychology / Contemporary Issues in Psychology; or


(ii) a postgraduate qualification in psychology from an institution recognized by the Council covering the courses and fundamental areas of psychology as specified in (i) above; or


(iii)   such other qualification in psychology as the Council shall approve.


If applicants have completed an independent research project in psychology, or if they have completed an advanced, seminar-based course in psychology, they are also counted as fulfilling the area of “History of Psychology / Contemporary Issues in Psychology".


To be eligible for Hong Kong Psychological Society (HKPS) membership, only campus-based psychology programmes will be accepted. A "campus-based" psychology programme is defined as a Bachelor's or higher-level psychology degree programme where the teaching and learning activities are primarily conducted on campus, with the active presence and participation of both instructors and students from the same tertiary educational institution. As such, HKPS generally does not accept distance learning, self-taught, self-study, or online psychology programmes, or any programmes of a similar nature, for HKPS membership application.

Documents required : Should originals of documents be sent?

No, only copies of certificates and transcripts of degrees/ programmes in Psychology should be submitted. If the application is unsuccessful, the application forms and all supporting documents will be destroyed within 6 months.

Proposers and Seconder : What if the applicant is unable to find Members of HKPS to be Proposer and Seconder?

If the applicants for membership are unable to find a Proposer and Seconder, they should supply 2 relevant academic/professional references in support of the membership application.

Duration of application process : How long does the application process take?

The Membership Committee meets 4 or 5 times a year in the period between September and May but the dates of meetings are not fixed in advance. At each meeting, recommendations for election by the Membership Committee are referred to the next meeting of the Council. The application process may take 1 to 4 months, depending on the timing of submission.

Urgent consideration : What if I just missed the most recent meeting of the Membership Committee and would like the application to be considered as an urgent case?

The Membership Committee and Council do not consider applications outside the scheduled dates of meetings.

Outcome of application : Can applicants be informed of the outcome of the application before receiving the official letter?

Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application via email and an official letter by post as soon as the recommendations by the Membership Committee are endorsed by the Council.

Affiliateship application : What documents are needed in support of an application for Affiliateship?

Applicants for Affiliateship can fill in the Membership Application Form indicating their reasons for joining. No supporting documents or references are required.

Membership Upgrade

Affiliateship application : What documents are needed in support of an application for Affiliateship?

Applicants for Affiliateship can fill in the Membership Application Form indicating their reasons for joining. No supporting documents or references are required.


Affilates upgrade to Graduate Member : What if an Affiliate obtains a degree in Psychology and wishes to become a Member?

The Affiliate should follow the Guide to Membership Application and submit the necessary enclosures.

How can a Division Member or Registered Psychologist upgrade to Associate Fellow?

If you are a divisional member and would like to upgrade to Associate Fellow, please complete and submit the AF Application Form (no payment is required at this stage).  Please provide a certificate copy of your master's degree in psychology.  For the relevant work experience, please fill in the application form.  You may be asked to provide a documentary proof if needed.


Fellow election : What if an Associate Fellow wishes to become a Fellow?

Nominations to Fellowship are considered at the Annual Fellows’ Meeting, normally held in January of each year. Nominations should be sent in at least three weeks in advance of the meeting. Nominations have to be supported by two recommendations from Members who are of at least the rank of Associate Fellow, one of whom must be a Fellow. Those nominating should be prepared to attend the Fellows meeting and speak to their nominee’s application.



Registered Psychologist (FAQ from the Public)

Do psychologists need to be licensed or registered to practise in Hong Kong?

Despite having petitioned by HKPS since the 1980s to enact a law to register and regulate professional psychologists, the Government did not agree it was necessary or urgent. So far, psychologists do not need to be professionally licensed or registered to practise in Hong Kong but they have to follow other applicable laws. HKPS will continue to educate the Government and legislators about the need for statutory registration of psychologists in order to protect the public from unregulated or unethical psychological practices.

How would I know if a psychologist practising in Hong Kong is qualified, competent and ethical?

Since there is no centralized or official registration system in Hong Kong to vet and regulate psychologists, members of the public maybe at higher risk of being served by unqualified, underqualified, or unethical psychologists. What HKPS can do is to carefully vet and regulate its own members. All members of HKPS are bound by the Code of Professional Conduct and breaching the Code may lead to disciplinary action. HKPS has no jurisdiction over a psychologist who is not a Member. You are advised to seek psychological service from psychologists who are bound by a code of professional conduct and being regulated by at least one proper professional organisation that can exercise jurisdiction in Hong Kong.


Where can I find the list of Registered Psychologists of HKPS?

The updated list of Registered Psychologists is here:


List of Registered Psychologists of HKPS


You can also search their names and professional details from the pull-down menu of the HKPS homepage > Psychologists > Our Registered Psychologists / Find a Psychologist. As this is a relatively new feature of our website, some Registered Psychologists have not yet uploaded their professional information.


What are the differences between Accredited Psychologist, Chartered Psychologists, Licensed Psychologist, and Registered Psychologist?

Different countries, places, or professional organizations use different names to identify their psychologists being regulated. There is no international standard to follow because of cultural, historical, or other factors for different places. A licence is usually granted by a government or an authority which may impose geographical and time restrictions for practice. The names of the psychologists being regulated are published to facilitate public checking.

What do these abbreviations mean?

AFHKPS (Associate Fellow of HKPS) is a HKPS Member who has a master or doctoral degree in Psychology with at least three years relevant post-qualification experience in Psychology.

FHKPS (Fellow of HKPS) is a HKPS Member who has a master or doctoral degree in Psychology with long-term and significant contribution to Psychology or the profession.

MHKPS is a Graduate Member of HKPS who has joined HKPS after graduated with a degree in Psychology acceptable to the Council of HKPS.

RCP(HKPS) is Registered Clinical Psychologist who is a RP(HKPS) and also a full member of the Division of Clinical Psychology.

RCoP(HKPS) is Registered Counselling Psychologist who is a RP(HKPS) and also a full member of the Division of Counselling Psychology.

REP(HKPS) is Registered Educational Psychologist who is a RP(HKPS) and also a full member of the Division of Educational Psychology.

RIOP(HKPS) is Registered Industrial-Organizational Psychologist who is a RP(HKPS) and also a full member of the Division of Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

RP(HKPS) is Registered Psychologist of HKPS who has two recognised degrees in Psychology, one higher than the other, and has at least one year full-time post-qualification working experience in a discipline of Psychology. RP(HKPS)s must have their names published by HKPS so that the general public has the means to identify them as qualified practitioners who are bound by the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct to provide a safe, effective, reliable and accountable service.


How do I make a complaint against a psychologist in Hong Kong for professional malpractice?

If the psychologist is a Member of HKPS, you should make a complaint to HKPS. If the psychologist is a member or registrant of another professional organization or regulatory body, you can also make a complaint to them following their procedures. If the psychologist is not regulated by any organisations or authorities, you may have to seek legal assistance as to what actions may be taken.

Registered Psychologist (FAQ from HKPS Members)

What are the rights and obligations of a Registered Psychologist of HKPS?

Registered Psychologists have the following rights:

  •  To use the Registered Psychologist title and abbreviations
  •  To publish their professional profiles on HKPS website
  •  To be appointed as members of the Registration Board

Registered Psychologists have the following obligations:

  •  To have their names published by HKPS for public checking
  •  To abide by the HKPS Code of Professional Conduct
  •  To maintain a good standing record
  •  To pay annual membership subscription and renewal fees to HKPS

Who can become a Registered Psychologist and how?

According to the By-Laws of HKPS, the Professional Register of Psychologists of HKPS is open only to current HKPS Members. The Registration Board (RB) is appointed by the Council to vet applications throughout the year. The RB will make recommendations to the Council which will make the order to include the Member into the Professional Register. Members have to pay a fee to join the Register and to pay an annual fee to renew the registration. They can then use the title Registered Psychologist of HKPS.

Division Membership

Can I apply for Divisional Membership without applying for Society Membership?

No, you have to become a Member of the Society first before applying for Divisional membership.

Could you tell me if the Master Programme I am going to apply for will enable me upon graduation to become a member of the Division of Clinical Psychology/ Educational Psychology/ Counselling Psychology/ Industrial-Organizational Psychology?

For membership criteria of Divisions, please go to the respective Divisional webpage for information. Also, one should approach the concerning programme coordinators / providers to clarify whether the design and contents of those programmes will enable the graduates to be eligible to apply for the HKPS and the divisional memberships.

CE Activity Application

Could you tell me the procedures about CE application?

Please read the Guidance Notes and the Award Categories before submiting the Application Form. (Please return the form in MS Word Format.)

Complaint against a Member

How can I lodge a complaint?

If you want to file a complaint against a HKPS member, please read the Explanatory Guide first and then fill out the prescribed HKPS Complaint Form and Confidentiality Undertaking for use by the Complainant according to the instructions therein and return them to The Complaint Officer of The Hong Kong Psychological Society Limited at Unit 1211 The Metropolis Tower, 10 Metropolis Drive, Hung Hom, Kowloon, HONG KONG.

Job Advertisement

Disseminate Job advertisement with HKPS

If you want to advertise with HKPS,  kindly fill in the enclosed “Dissemination of JOB Advertisement to HKPS Members” application form together with flyer / poster (if any) and email to [email protected] (Please return the application form in MS Word Format).  Information will be forwarded to the relevant Council Members for consideration.
The service charge is as follows, please pay after the application is approved:
A)  via email announcement - HK$1,000 / one distribution OR
B)  by website posting - HK$1,000 for 2 weeks (post under HKPS website --- Careers --- Job Vacancies) OR
C)  by both A) and B) above - HK$1,800.
Our members are graduates of psychology and/or professional psychologists in the following specialties: clinical psychology, educational psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, counselling psychology. 
PLEASE make application at least 4 weeks before the activity is held.
HKPS reserves the right to make the final decision of all applications.