Message from the President


Being President of HKPS, I know that to carry on doing the good work that has been accomplished by my predecessors, I need both the support of my Council and you the members.


When I was first approached to be a member of the Council in 2017, I did not hesitate to accept because I wanted to do my bit for the Society. I saw and still see lots of opportunities for the Society to grow and develop. To seize these opportunities, the Society will need to take a proactive role to create our presence both locally, around the region and beyond.


I firmly believe that one of the ways to make us relevant is to be proactive in forming alliances with psychological associations, within the region and beyond, and also with different kinds of organizations in Hong Kong. It is essential for the Society to be recognized by the general public as the established organization to which they can reach out for matters that are related to psychology. To be recognized and accepted by the general public, it is essential for us to uphold our professional practices and ethical standards. Besides, such recognition requires that we devise a robust PR strategy to ensure that we can create awareness of who we are, and what we stand for, as a Society.


As a learning Society, we want to encourage our members to keep themselves abreast of new methodologies and knowledge, that will be essential for them to apply in their areas of expertise. We will continue to send out emails and periodically place posts on our website concerning relevant training courses, conferences and programmes that can enhance our professional practices and continuous development.


There are four divisions within the Society, and I would like to see a closer cross-discipline collaboration and sharing of knowledge. I believe that, as all the Divisions come together to move towards one common goal of using our expertise to serve the general public, collectively we shall stand stronger.


To ensure that the Society continues to thrive, we need our members to get involved. There are many opportunities for you to contribute to the Society. If you are interested in getting involved, please do contact your respective Divisions or Committees directly.


In closing, on behalf of the Council, we are looking forward to working together with all of you to make our Society an organization of which we can all be proud.


Yours sincerely,


Austin A. Tay